Welcome to Pocket Bones

Welcome to Pocket Bones... a FREE Collection of 10,000 resurrected skeletons wandering in the graveyard of the Ethereum blockchain! After a long slumber, these randomly generated NFTs have awoken, looking to fill your pockets!. Help your Bones find their lost soul and meet us in The Lost Lounge! Mint SOLD OUT!

The Specs

Each skeleton is randomly generated from 230 uniquely designed layers created on a 36 x 36 pixel art canvas. Various traits include headwear, back bling, clothing and more. With a large pool of traits even the most common designs will look rare!  

Pocket Bones are ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain. We are a community driven, FREE MINT project. The entire collection can be found on Opensea. The team have worked endlessly for you to enjoy their creation and look forward to seeing you in the Lost Lounge.

Why Own a Pocket Bone?

Pocket Bones is so much more than just an NFT project... it's a community and place to have fun with other like-minded individuals to participate in competitions, events and giveaways! Our team take pride in not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun along this web3 journey, and you're all invited! As long as you don't say anything out of Pocket ; )

Not to mention that early Pocket Bone holders gain an exclusive member only community on our Official Discord. The team aim to create a large community to help along this journey, meaning YOU are all involved in the building of Pocket Bones! Although there is no roadmap, we aim to bring the vision and goals of Pocket Bones into reality. However these potential plans remain buried for now...

With Bear markets surrounding the culture of NFTs, it's time to have some fun and break free from these chains! The resurrection of Pocket Bones is here!

Early adopters benefits


Who doesn't love some friendly competition?
Participate in various meme and art contests with the community for a chance to win prizes and rewards!

Your Unique NFT

Your Pocket Bone NFT has verified proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. This gives you full commercial use over the artwork. Use it as your PFP on social media and build a rare collection.

Members Only Community

Verified PB holders have access to members-only rooms in our official Discord. Network with other people and build your rep in the community.

The lost soul

Upon resurrection, the empty skeleton embarked on a journey to find his soul. Countless days and nights past, in search for his true identity looking for an owner for warmth and guidance but…nothing. All hope seemed lost when a glimmer of light was found emerging from the pockets of a cave. With his curiosity peaked, he went to investigate. Music and laughter emitted from the cave, becoming louder with every step. Upon arrival the lost soul could see a neon green sign which read ‘The Lost Lounge’. Finally, a place which he could relate to. With a sensation of belonging, he entered and to his surprise, saw other skeletons celebrating. Confused, he stumbled up to the nearest skeleton, who was covered head to toe in diamonds and wearing a black cap and asked, ‘What’s going on?’. The skeleton replied, ‘We’ve found our owner, our companion and most importantly our soul!’.  A small smile began to emerge on the lost soul’s face as he felt a sense of hope once again. ‘Through that doorway’ another skeleton shouted. A large sign reading ‘Mint’ sat upon the door with a bright light expelling from its hinges. Without any hesitation, he marched towards the mysterious door and to his surprise…found himself in someone’s pocket.

Meet the team

Two childhood friends with a powerful ambition to rise to the top of the NFT Metaverse with some help along the way.


Co-founder / Artist


Co-founder / Artist


Blockchain/Software Developer


Website Designer/Developer

Answers to

Frequently asked questions

NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’ which means it’s a unique and provably rare digital item that you’re able to buy, own and trade.
You’ll only need a MetaMask wallet and some ETH (Ethereum) for Gas. Each Pocket Bone is Free.
Once I’VE PURCHASED A pocket bone, WHERE does IT GO?
Pocket Bones will be stored in the ETH address you logged in. You’ll be able to display them in your wallet or trade them on places like OpenSea.
Join our Discord for community updates, prizes, giveaways. Build your rep, make some friends, and flex your Pocket Bones NFT!

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